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No child deserves to live every day feeling unsafe or unwanted.

Our Story So Far

Sri Lanka is known as the Pearl of the Indian Ocean, reflecting its tranquility and beauty. However it has faced many tragedies over the last 40 years where it has been torn apart by 26 years of Civil War, devastated by one of the most destructive Tsunami‘s ever which resulted in over 30,000 deaths, a series of terrorist acts that severely impacted the tourist industry and finally the near bankruptcy of the country which was caused by a combination of economic mismanagement and the impact of Covid. As a result many of the poorer people in the country are now facing severe financial problems.

In circumstances like these, it is the children who suffer most. Many families are torn
apart.  Some fathers cannot find work and in despair turn to drink and drugs or leave their families . Poorly educated mothers  find it very difficult to both work and look after their children given the low salaries and the absence of external childcare support .  Children left at home alone can be prone  to abuse. Some children are illegally taken out of school and sent to work . Some families struggle to have one proper meal every day . In these circumstances children’s education will be a lower priority and with that their hopes for a better future .

Please follow the link to read the stories of some of our girls.

In this environment The Fars Chanmugam Trust has been working over the last 12 years to create an infrastructure to improve the lives of these less fortunate children through a combination of providing the children with accommodation, food and improved educational opportunities.

As a result we have implemented the following ongoing projects:-

  1. We built and fund a Children’s Home which caters for 40 girls between the ages of 12 and 18, until they have completed their ‘A’ Levels . The total cost is funded by us.
  2. We founded a Home for older girls who wish to continue their studies. The food, accommodation, living expenses and cost of their courses are provided by us.
  3. We fund a pre school in the Gampaha region of Sri Lanka which now provides quality education and two meals a day for 75 of the poorest children in the region under the age of 5. Again, this is completely free to the children and their families.
  4. We support a large secondary school in a poor area of Colombo funding tuition and teaching support , as well as providing computers , sports equipment and musical instruments.
  5. We have just started funding a small pre-school and day care centre in Kaleniya, a very poor suburb of Colombo, which caters for approximately 50 pre-school children and 60 children in the day care centre, providing lunch, after school classes and care until 6 pm. This is all provided at no cost to the families.
  6. We provide an outreach program which supports and mentors young people trying to gain qualifications which will lead to them finding meaningful employment in the future. We help find the right courses, paying course fees, travel costs and accommodation.

We have completed the following projects:-

  1. We provided food aid to 400 families in Sri Lanka during the COVID crisis via regular food parcels.
  2. We provided support through educational and sports equipment to a secondary school in Tetapolai.
  3. We provided one year educational scholarships to support a number of poor children to help them in their academic development.

To find out more about our projects, just follow the links