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No child deserves to live every day feeling unsafe or unwanted.

In our children’s home in Wanathamulla you will find a group of happy young girls. It doesn’t reflect the trauma they have faced in their young lives, for instance witnessing the murder of their mother by their step father, being abused by their uncles or step fathers, being abandoned by their parents, being sent out to work in the fields by their guardians when they were below the working age, having to leave home because their mother could not afford to feed all the children in the family etc.

We have tried to make these children feel part of our family – the Fars Chanmugam Trust Family. The children refer to the trustees and staff as Uncle, Aunty, Sister and Brother and know that we are there to help them. We care deeply about what happens to our children. Some have happy stories and some less so. Here are examples of some success stories of girls who faced a number of heartbreaking traumas in their early lives.

Samadhi is the oldest girl who has been in our Homes in Wanathamulla and Ethul Kotte since 2014. She has recently graduated with a degree in Cyber Security from the Sri Lanka Institute of Technology. At present she works for a multi national company in Sri Lanka and now earns enough money to live in rented accommodation on the outskirts of Colombo. She also helps us with the financial reporting of the charity. We are very proud of her.

Kokila was in our home in Wanathamulla and then in Ethul Kotte. She is currently an Intern in one of the largest multinational accountancy firms in Sri Lanka. She has recently been promoted and is about to finish her degree. She is well on her way to being self sufficient. She often donates part of her salary to help others and has a material role in the charity in Sri Lanka. She is currently living in our home for older girls. We are very proud of her.

Kaushalya was in our home in Wanathamulla and then in Ethul Kotte . She is currently working for a large Telecoms company in Colombo within the customer support area. She found the academic elements of school difficult. She attended a photography course but found it difficult to get a job paying her sufficient money. She improved her English via a set of English courses we sent her on and through her own initiative found a role where she has to communicate with customers in English. She now lives in rented accommodation within the outskirts of Colombo. We are very proud of her.

Bhagya was in our home in Wanathamulla and then in Ethul Kotte . She is currently studying English and waiting to start a 3 year diploma course in Hotel Management, later this year. She is an intelligent girl who did reasonably well in her O levels but never liked the academic elements of school. She wanted to work in a factory but then realised that she had potential to do much more. She is currently living in our Home for Older Girls.  We are very proud of her.

Ramya is currently working in a restaurant as well as studying for her teaching degree.  She is extremely conscientious and hard working and manages to balance working late at night as well as studying for her exams. She is engaged and will get married after she has obtained her degree. She is living in rented accommodation in Colombo. We are very proud of her.

This is the home one of our children lived in.