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Frances, Tony and Soraya Return to Sri Lanka

Tony and Frances were very happy to physically return to Sri Lanka after an absence of nearly 3 years due to Covid restrictions and some health issues. During their two months there, they travelled around visiting all the projects. They were accompanied by Soraya for a part of the time.

At Wanathamulla, they spent time interacting with the children, listening to their concerns, encouraging the ‘O’ Level and ‘A’ Level students to do their best and helping them to make plans for their future.

They took the children shopping in year groups. Each child was given a budget which they were able to spend as they wished. Some of the new children had never experienced shopping in a Mall, so needed help navigating the escalators and how to pick the correct size etc.Fortunately, some of our older girls came along to help. One child was overheard saying that this was the best day of her life.

After the shopping came the stop for iced milk shake at the ‘Coffee Bean Cafe’! This gave a chance for the children to chat to each other, and to Tony and Frances, about any concerns and for a bit of encouragement and advice.A good time was had by all!

The visits to Wikasitha Pre-School are always a great joy to Tony and Frances. They are greeted by a welcome party of teachers and children who present a posy of hand made flowers to each. It is so lovely to see these children in their little uniforms, painting,singing, counting etc. They are always happy. They wait with anticipation for Tony Uncle to arrive with his bag of magic tricks. They crowd around him, eager to see the magic, erupting with shouts of glee and disbelief! When the show is over, they proudly sing their English songs and rhymes. They then line up to wash their hands, lay their individual table cloths on their desk in front of them and wait patiently for lunch to be served. After lunch, their parents or guardians take them home in the knowledge that they have already been fed with two meals.

This year, we learned that the toilet block is in disrepair and needs to be renewed. We also learned that some of the parents had offered their time and expertise to build a new toilet block. We only needed to supply the materials. This was their way of saying thank you to the FARS Chanmugam Trust for helping their children. The toilet block should be completed by the end of April.

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