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Congratulations Girls

Two of our girls, Sanjudha and Amasha, achieved top marks in their ‘O’ Level results last year, in their respective schools, and have now started studying for their ‘A’ Levels. Sanjudha, Amasha and Suchara (who is also studying for her ‘A’ Levels), have also been appointed head girls of their respective schools. We are very proud of all of them and wish them every success in carrying out their duties.

Tony spent time with each of these girls while he was in Sri Lanka, encouraging them to study in the correct way, and ensuring them that they will receive the necessary help for each of their subjects where needed.

It is to the girls credit that they have achieved so much despite the hardships they have faced in their young lives . From this foundation we hope that they will be able to fulfil their potential and create a better life for themselves.

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