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No child deserves to live every day feeling unsafe or unwanted.

Over the last 10 years we have undertaken some projects which for a number of reasons we have stopped, as they have reached their natural conclusion .

Food Aid

During the Covid pandemic in Sri Lanka, there was a shortage of food and the food that was available was often difficult to obtain and very expensive . This caused the poor people in the country material difficulties . The FARS Chanmugam Trust began a food aid programme in a number of locations across the country. We set up regional hubs and personally distributed food through our volunteers, direct to the families. We provided support to 400 of the poorest families through food packages (for each family). With the impact of Covid reducing we have now closed this programme.

We will look to continue this type of programme if the need arises in the future.

Tetapalai School

Over the years, the FARS Chanmugam Trust has supported the school at Tetapalai by supplying much needed sports equipment, sports kits and books. The school now has new donors, in the form of local NGO’s, so we have decided to concentrate our efforts on other needy schools.

Individual sponsorship

In the event of individual children from a poor background needing help, we provided a support package, for example: After the bombing of the Churches in 2018, the FARS Chanmugam Trust sponsored individual children who had been directly affected by this atrocity. The packages provided were specific to each child, in accordance with their need.

If the need arises, for any reason, for this type of intervention in the future, the FARS ChanmugamTrust will consider providing these individual packages.,,